The Sunshine Bus Company

St. Johns County Public Transit System


ALERT: Office Closure–Observance of Independence Day


If you know or suspect that you’ve been exposed to, or diagnosed with COVID-19, please do not ride or board a bus. We advise you to follow the CDC’s recommendation to seek medical care, and encourage you to self-quarantine.


  • Service and comfort animals may accompany passengers.
  • Pets are allowed to be transported with you, provided they are placed within a carrier.
  • Carry-On packages: We can only accommodate packages that can be carried on board in a single trip and safely stowed under the seat or on your lap while on the vehicle.
  • Child Restraints: As a courtesy, each bus has a child safety seat, but it is recommended that you bring your own in the event that this courtesy one is not available.


It’s important to us that individuals with physical disabilities or require physical assistance are provided accessibility with the public bus system. The majority of our buses have lifts available for wheelchair and walker bound passengers to use. Our drivers are thoroughly trained in providing you with assistance in boarding and securing your mobility devices safely, provided they are in working order. The combined weight of the passenger and their mobility device cannot exceed 800 lbs.

Complaint/Grievance Procedure

  • Direct your complaint to a Customer Service Representative verbally or in writing.
  • Include all details, such as time, date, location, and a description of the problem that you experience. This information will help determine the appropriate personnel to contact in order to resolved any future difficulties.
  • If your complaint cannot be resolved, you may obtain information on the Local Grievance Procedures from a Customer Service Representative.

Know Your Rights

The Sunshine Bus Company provides services and programs without regard to race, color or national origin in accordance with the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, and is committed to practicing nondiscrimination. Any person who believes they have been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint.

To access a Title VI Complaint form in English, click here. For a Title VI Complaint form in Spanish, click here.

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Safety for All

  • Passengers must have open wounds and/or sores covered during transport.
  • Eating and drinking on the vehicle is strictly prohibited, except for necessary medical reasons, verified by a licensed physician in writing.
  • The drivers will wear a uniform shirt with the Sunshine Bus insignia and a photo identification badge at all times.
  • The interior/exterior of the vehicle shall be free of excess dirt and grime.
  • All of our vehicles will have air conditioning or heat for your comfort.

Affordable & Coverage

Affordable – It is important to us that the St. Johns County public bus system is affordable for our residents and passing travelers. Fares were initially determined by the average cost of living before being approved and finalized by local authorities, and still remains far below the State’s average.


Coverage – Riders can enjoy the freedom and convenience of transit coverage within St. Johns County, which includes both urbanized and rural service areas. Additionally, we offer regional connecting options to Putnam and Duval County transit systems.

Code of Conduct

  • Service can be refused if a passenger engages in ‘violent, disruptive, or illegal conduct.’
  • Do not eat or drink in the vehicle unless it is medically necessary.
  • Do not litter the vehicle.
  • Remain seated until the vehicle comes to a complete stop at your destination.
  • Keep your seat belt securely fastened until your driver says it is safe to unbuckle it.
  • Report any safety hazards to your driver immediately.
  • The use of tobacco products or paraphernalia, including ‘E-Cigarettes’ and ‘vapes,’ are strictly prohibited on the vehicle.
  • Please do not tip your driver.

We offer safe and convenient transportation for riders of all ages. We go where ever it is that you want to go! We provide transportation to those who need to get to work, school, go shopping, tend to medical appointments, attend social engagements, see tourist attractions, and visit our beautiful St. Augustine beaches! Save time and gas by taking advantage of affordable and dependable transportation, without any hassle. Hop on the bus at one of our many conveniently located stops.

Where ever it is that you’re going – We Will Take You There!